Selecting the best meats for purchase

Why here at Wood and Coal we have some of the best meats in Malta ? Together with our suppliers, we take it further to ensure we always have the best quality and all year standard of meat we make it a point to travel to the source from where they get meat to ensure […]

In-house dry aged burger

At Wood and Coal steak house  we choose the best beef for our blend of burgers  with whole muscles of  Scottona beef  chuck and  brisket which grade in the top qaulity meats in malta .we do this blend of Scottona muscle to dry aged  for 10 days beef gives it just the right amount of […]

Our feature on GuideMeMalta

Wood and Coal specialise in prime cuts from the Scottona (heifer cow) of which meat is known as the sister of Waygu Beef due to its small infiltrations of fat in the muscle mass, known as marbling. During the cooking process, the marbling will melt thus giving the meat a delicious taste and tenderness associated […]

Steaks cooked to perfection

Have you ever eaten a steak that you kept thinking about days after? Then you tried the taste of the Veal T-bone steak at Wood and Coal Steak and Pizza house in the centre of Malta! The Great thing about steaks is, they really compliment the Gluten Free and Lactose Free vibe we have going […]

How do you want to start the perfect meal?

We want you to start your meal on the right note, so think about the taste of our Bruschetta mix on a homemade sour dough or the Truffled fresh Scottona beef carpaccio with rucola and parmesan shavings. We have starters that are available warm, cold, and even gluten free – here you get to choose!

They are not on display because they are made fresh, per order.

One might ask himself / herself why our desserts are not on display. Well that’s an easy one… it’s because they are made fresh, per order. We have a truly homemade dessert selection. Many people have been overwhelmed by the taste of our desserts because it has over exceeded the typical expectations of what a […]

Delicious food meets great atmosphere

Come and feel our vibe in our unique interior while indulging honest and genuine food here in Attard. We want you to feel comfortable with us and make sure that nothing is missing for you. We’ve just refreshed our restaurant with a new air conditioning system to keep you cool this summer. Your final decision […]

Different cuts for different dads. It’s Father’s Day!

Also known as Steaks day here at Wood and Coal. Our Coal is running hot, and running fast with so many loved dads wanting to try our juicy goods from the Grill. Our Scottona Beef, Veal, and Pork make the best source for old time favourite cuts such as T-Bones, fillets, and tomahawks. Our chef patron […]

Plenty has already been made, but more is yet to come.

You’ve waited for this day and here it is – A Steak and Pizza House finally open in Attard. Wood and Coal is going to be delivering goodness here, in a central part of Malta. Click here to find us on Google Maps. We’ve searched for the best ingredients, the most premium quality meats, and the […]

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